A R Wallace Symposium

Join us for a conference celebrating the 200th anniversary of Alfred Russel Wallace's birth.

This one-day symposium aims to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Alfred Russel Wallace's birth and highlight his contribution to science and society.

It will be held at Oxford University Museum of Natural History in the Westwood room both in-person and online. The event is free but registration is required for all participants.



9:45 Coffee


Paul Smith (Oxford University Museum of Natural History) and Laurence Talairach (Jaurès University)


Panel 1 

Chair: James Costa

10:15 - George Beccaloni (FLS), Alfred Russel Wallace and Natural Selection: The Real Story

11:05 - Robert J. Whittaker (University of Oxford), Island Life and the Laws of Distribution


Panel 2

Chair: Laurence Talairach

11:55: Zoë Simmons (Oxford University Museum of Natural History), A. R. Wallace's Collections at OUMNH

12:15 Lunch Break

Panel 3

Chair: George Beccaloni

13:30: James Costa (Western Caroline University), Darwin and Wallace: Insights from the plan for Wallace's unpublished last book

14:00 (online): Victor Rafael Limeira-DaSilva, A Naturalist in a Tropical Empire: Wallace, Science Exploration, and Amazonian Indigenous Peoples

15:10 Refreshments

Panel 4

Chair: Christophe Thébaud

15:30 (online): Jeb Bevers (Yavapai College, Arizona) and John Ablett (Natural History Museum, London), The Slow Dispersal of Wallace's Sand Snails into the Natural History Museum and Wallace's Walk among the Big Trees of California.

16:20: Pietro Corsi (University of Oxford), Wallace from an Historian's Viewpoint


Panel 5

Chair: Laurence Talairach and Christophe Thébaud

Round Table: Book presentation session (2023 Wallace Publications)


Closing Remarks

Pascal Marty (Maison Française d'Oxford)



For more information, please contact Laurence Talairach by email: laurence.talairach@univ-tlse2.fr.