Family trails and crafts

Download one of our family trails to explore the Museum, or choose a craft template to try at home.

Family trails

Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Detective family trail

Dinosaur Detective

We have some suspicious behaviour that needs investigating. There are dinosaurs lurking in the museum!
Ages 3-7.

Museum of Natural History rascally reptiles trail

Rascally Reptiles

There are over 9,500 species of reptile on the planet! They come in many shapes and sizes, and live all over the world. Follow this trail to find some of the Museum reptiles.
Ages 7+.

Museum of Natural History birds trail

Breathtaking Birds

Can you find these amazing birds around the Museum?
Ages 3-7.

Museum of Natural History camouflage family trail

Creature Colours

Animals have many different colours and patterns. Find out why in this special trail!
Ages 5+.

Museum of Natural History Whales family trail

Which Whale?

Can you match the whale skeletons to their names?
Ages 5-10.

frog graphics

Is It Real?

Ever wondered whether something in the museum is real or not? Find out in this family trail.
​​​​​​​Ages 5-10.

mantis graphics

Brilliant Bugs

Meet some of the bugs on display and find out what’s so brilliant about them.
Ages 3-7.

Family crafts

Our craft templates include instructions and lists of the simple materials that you will need to make them. All of the craft sheets are best printed/copied onto thin card some are best on A3.

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