Katherine Child

Role summary

Katherine’s job comprises a mixture of day-to-day photography within the Hope department (anything from providing researchers with photographs of specific specimens, to helping artists with personal projects or documenting the occasional live insect), as well as larger projects such as photographing parts of the museum’s type collection, imaging historic lice as part of a research project, and providing images for books.  
The need to photograph whole draws of insects as well as very small individuals means that Katherine works at a variety of scales. To meet these needs she uses macro and non-macro photography as well as photo-micrography.
Katherine is currently finishing a project to photograph around 1,000 different species of African moth, which will add to those already on the African Moths website.


Katherine came to Oxford University Museum of Natural History in 2010 to photograph the 3,000 or so Lepidoptera types housed in the Hope department. This work was nicely supplemented by a wealth of other interesting photographic requests, and these continue alongside current larger projects, broadening her interest in entomology and expanding her photographic skills.

Before coming to the museum, Katherine spent several years as an animation background artist. Having trained as an illustrator at Falmouth University, she now frequently uses the Museum and its collections as inspiration and material for drawing and painting.