An Artweeks Arctic

Artweeks Arctic

11 November – 29 January 2017 – Upper Gallery

The Artweeks Arctic exhibition presented work from nine artists who have been inspired by this remote yet important landscape. The show was part of the Museum’s yearlong Visions of Nature programme in 2016, which celebrated a range of artistic responses to the natural environment.

Oxfordshire Artweeks is a local organisation for artists and designer-makers across the county. It was a surprise, therefore, to discover a large number who were fascinated and inspired by the ecology and habitat of the Arctic and concerned by the changes that are occurring there.”
Esther Lafferty, Festival Director of Oxfordshire Artweeks

This exhibition presents Arctic artworks by: Susan Avery, Harriet Coleridge, Charlie Davies, Kina Gorska, Mary Knowland, Ross Mackenzie, Vital Peeters, Mia Sarosi, and Barbara Shaw.


Artweeks Arctic - Polar Bear

Barbara Shaw

Artweeks Arctic - Glacier

Susan Avery

Artweeks Arctic - Mia Sarosi

Mia Sarosi