More Than A Doodle

Join in the arts and crafts fun on social media for 'More Than A Doodle'

Our specimens, artworks, and collections online inspire countless submissions on social media, and we thought it was high time that we created a hashtag about this. But we know that some of you have more than a doodle to show. Whether your medium is paint, charcoal, knitting, sewing, mosaic, polymer clay, or anything else, we'd love to see your wonderful creations of our Museum and its contents. If you can't make it to the Museum or if it is closed, check the collections online or our social media channels for inspiration.  You can also check out the Virtual Tour to look around the space. If you would prefer an activity sheet to download, Oxford Doodle Club has one to download here
This is not a competition, simply a way for everyone to creatively engage with the Museum. 
When you post, tag us on social media @morethanadodo and include the hashtag #MoreThanADoodle so we don't miss your amazing creations!


If you need inspiration from our Collections Online but you're not sure where to start, the Collections Team has chosen some of their favourite items that might inspire your next creative project:

Our Digital Collections Manager Sarah Joomun's top picks:

Further inspiration: