Darren Mann

Email: darren.mann@oum.ox.ac.uk
Phone: 01865 272 957
Twitter: @blattamann
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Role summary

  • Specialises in collections management; integrated pest management, including pest identification; historic insect collections and historic types
  • Responsibilities include staff line management, developing grant revenue, collections management and public engagement
  • Research interests centre on dung beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) biology, ecology, conservation and taxonomy


At the age of 15, Darren commenced his museum career as a volunteer at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry. After studying for a postgraduate diploma in Insect Taxonomy at Cardiff University, Darren joined the staff at National Museum Wales in Cardiff as an entomological researcher. In 1997 Darren began working in the Hope Entomological Collections as a technician, later becoming Collections Manager and Assistant Curator. After the amalgamation of the Zoology and Hope Entomology Collections, he took on the role of head of section. Darren has provided training in entomological collections management, integrated pest management, insect identification and entomological field sampling techniques for undergraduate and postgraduate students, the museum sector and wider.

Darren is the National Recording Scheme Organiser for the Scarabaeoidea (dung beetles, chafer and their allies). He is on the editorial panel for The Coleopterists, Entomologists Monthly Magazine and is a Royal Entomological Society Library Committee member. He was awarded the ZSL Silver Medal (2015).


  • Tropical dung beetle morphological traits predict functional traits and show intraspecific differences across land uses

  • Disappearance rate of chimpanzee scats: Implications for census work on Pan troglodytes

  • Designing oil palm landscapes to retain biodiversity using insights from a key ecological indicator group

  • A Review of the Status of the Beetles of Great Britain The Stag Beetles, Dor Beetles, Dung Beetles, Chafers and Their Allies - Lucanidae, Geotrupidae, Trogidae and Scarabaeidae

  • Are riparian forest reserves sources of invertebrate biodiversity spillover and associated ecosystem functions in oil palm landscapes?

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