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A new ophiocistioid with soft-tissue preservation from the Silurian Herefordshire Lagerstätte, and the evolution of the holothurian body plan.

Rahman, IA, Thompson, JR, Briggs, DEG, Siveter, DJ, Siveter, DJ, Sutton, MD

Effects of body plan evolution on the hydrodynamic drag and energy requirements of swimming in ichthyosaurs

Gutarra, S, Moon, BC, RAHMAN, IA, Palmer, C, Lautenschlager, S, Brimacombe, AJ, Benton, MJ

Exploring the potential of neutron imaging for life sciences on IMAT

Burca, G, Nagella, S, Clark, T, Tasev, D, RAHMAN, IA, Garwood, RJ, Spencer, ART, Turner, MJ, Kelleher, JF

Whole-body photoreceptor networks are independent of ‘lenses’ in brittle stars

Sumner-Rooney, L, Rahman, IA, Sigwart, JD, Ullrich-Lüter, E

An edrioasteroid from the Silurian Herefordshire Lagerstätte of England reveals the nature of the water vascular system in an extinct echinoderm.

Briggs, DEG, Siveter, DJ, Siveter, DJ, Sutton, MD, Rahman, IA

Towards a Better Understanding of the Origins of Microlens Arrays in Mesozoic Ophiuroids and Asteroids

Gorzelak, P, Rahman, IA, Zamora, S, Gąsiński, A, Trzciński, J, Brachaniec, T, Salamon, MA

The Cambrian Substrate Revolution and the early evolution of attachment in suspension-feeding echinoderms

Zamora, S, Deline, B, Javier Álvaro, J, Rahman, IA

Computational fluid dynamics as a tool for testing functional and ecological hypotheses in fossil taxa

Rahman, IA

Progress in echinoderm paleobiology

Zamora, S, Rahman, IA

Inference of facultative mobility in the enigmatic Ediacaran organism Parvancorina

Darroch, SAF, Rahman, IA, Gibson, B, Racicot, RA, Laflamme, M

Modelling enrolment in Cambrian trilobites

Esteve, J, Rubio, P, Zamora, S, Rahman, IA

Open data and digital morphology.

Davies, TG, Rahman, IA, Lautenschlager, S, Cunningham, JA, Asher, RJ, Barrett, PM, Bates, KT, Bengtson, S, Benson, RBJ, Boyer, DM, Braga, J, Bright, JA
et al

Palaeontology: Tiny fossils in the animal family tree.

Rahman, IA


Rahman, IA, Lautenschlager, S


Sutton, M, Rahman, I, Garwood, R

Miocene Clypeaster from Valencia (E Spain): Insights into the taphonomy and ichnology of bioeroded echinoids using X-ray micro-tomography

Rahman, IA, Belaústegui, Z, Zamora, S, Nebelsick, JH, Domènech, R, Martinell, J

Cambrian cinctan echinoderms shed light on feeding in the ancestral deuterostome.

Rahman, IA, Zamora, S, Falkingham, PL, Phillips, JC

Suspension feeding in the enigmatic Ediacaran organism Tribrachidium demonstrates complexity of Neoproterozoic ecosystems

Rahman, IA, Darroch, SAF, Racicot, RA, Laflamme, M

Early post-metamorphic, Carboniferous blastoid reveals the evolution and development of the digestive system in echinoderms.

Rahman, IA, Waters, JA, Sumrall, CD, Astolfo, A

Experimental reduction of intromittent organ length reduces male reproductive success in a bug.

Dougherty, LR, Rahman, IA, Burdfield-Steel, ER, Greenway, EVG, Shuker, DM

Palaeogeographic implications of a new iocrinid crinoid (Disparida) fromthe Ordovician (Darriwillian) ofMorocco

Zamora, S, Rahman, IA, Ausich, WI

The youngest ctenocystoids from the upper ordovician of the united kingdom and the evolution of the bilateral body plan in echinoderms

Rahman, IA, Stewart, SE, Zamora, S

Deciphering the early evolution of echinoderms with Cambrian fossils

Zamora, S, Rahman, IA

A virtual world of paleontology.

Cunningham, JA, Rahman, IA, Lautenschlager, S, Rayfield, EJ, Donoghue, PCJ

Techniques for Virtual Palaeontology

Sutton, MD, Rahman, IA, Garwood, RJ

Virtual paleontology: Computer-aided analysis of fossil form and function

Rahman, IA, Smith, SY

Taphonomy and ontogeny of early pelmatozoan echinoderms: A case study of a mass-mortality assemblage of Gogia from the Cambrian of North America

Zamora, S, Darroch, S, Rahman, IA

The ontogeny of cinctans (stem-group Echinodermata) as revealed by a new genus, GraciaCystis, from the middle Cambrian of Spain

Zamora, S, Rahman, IA, Smith, AB

Virtual Fossils: a New Resource for Science Communication in Paleontology

Rahman, IA, Adcock, K, Garwood, RJ

Dehmicystis globulus, an enigmatic solute (Echinodermata) from the Lower Devonian Hunsrück Slate, Germany

Rahman, IA, Lintz, H

Plated Cambrian bilaterians reveal the earliest stages of echinoderm evolution.

Zamora, S, Rahman, IA, Smith, AB

The oldest stylophoran echinoderm: A new Ceratocystis from the Middle Cambrian of Germany

Rahman, IA, Zamora, S, Geyer, G

From clergymen to computers-the advent of virtual palaeontology

Garwood, RJ, Rahman, IA, Sutton, MD

Bioturbation in Burgess Shale-type Lagerstätten - Case study of trace fossil-body fossil association from the Kaili Biota (Cambrian Series 3), Guizhou, China

Lin, JP, Zhao, YL, Rahman, IA, Xiao, S, Wang, Y

Evaluating phylogenetic hypotheses of carpoids using stratigraphic congruence indices

Rahman, IA, Sutton, MD, Bell, MA

Re-evaluating the palaeobiology and affinities of the Ctenocystoidea (Echinodermata)

Rahman, IA, Clausen, S

The oldest cinctan carpoid (stem-group Echinodermata), and the evolution of the water vascular system

Rahman, IA, Zamora, S

Ichnological insights into mitrate palaeobiology

Rahman, IA, Jefferies, RPS, Südkamp, WH, Smith, RDA

Making sense of carpoids

Rahman, IA

New data on the genus Sucocystis (Cincta, Echinodermata) from the middle Cambrian of Spain: biostratigraphic and phylogenetic implications

Rahman, I, Zamora, S
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