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Grasses of Wolvercote Green, Oxford

Kurt Jackson (2021)

Mixed media and monoprint (64cm x 55cm)


Sarah Lil Middleton: Research

Sara Lil Middleton is a current DPhil candidate in the Plant Ecology Group at the Department of Zoology. Her research uses aims to understand how different plant communities respond to global environmental change, focusing on grasslands, tropical forests, and invasive plants.


Alongside her PhD, Sara is also a data contributor to the Ecoflora database and a committee member for the British Ecological Society Invasion Science Group.


Sarah Lil Middleton: Response

"This artwork brings grasses to the forefront when their ecological, economic and cultural importance is so often overlooked. This piece resonates with me as I've recorded many of the species shown here (for example, Cock's-foot and Yorkshire fog) at my own field site at Wytham Woods (Oxfordshire) where I research the effect of drought on species-rich grasslands. The artwork serves as a reminder of how many meadows similar to Wolvercote Green are no longer part of the British landscape."