Taxonomy of a Cornish Foreshore


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Taxonomy of a Cornish Foreshore

Kurt Jackson (2018)

Mixed media on linen, 200cm x 198cm


Rosalie Wright: Research


Rosalie Wright is a Research Assistant at the Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab and a recent graduate of Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Rosalie's work focuses on remote sensing and technological advances in seascape conservation, specifically tropical island reef ecosystems.


Dr Lisa Wedding: Research


Dr Wedding is the Principal Investigator at the Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab and an Associate Professor of Physical Geography at the School of Geography and the Environment. 

She uses seascape ecology to inform ocean policy and conservation.

Dr Wedding's research focuses on understanding the social-ecological causes and consequences of spatial patterns and ecological processes in the marine environment. Increasingly, Lisa's research is positioned at the interface between science and policy, often working with a highly interdisciplinary team of lawyers, social scientists, and practitioners to link place-based scientific research findings to inform ocean governance.


Dr Lisa Wedding and Rosalie Wright: Response


"When we gaze across this seascape, many of us will initially see a homogenous expanse of ocean. How can we protect what we don't understand or value? Upon closer inspection, the labels on the shoreline represent the many diverse species found within this unique coastal habitat. The viewer begins to see the significant biodiversity that coastal habitats support. This brings us together, as both scientist and artist seeking to identify and place value on the diversity of coastal life, highlighting the awe-inspiring ecosystem complexity and enabling us all to see the value in protecting the oceans."